Welcome to the home of Dublin Paranormal

Dublin Paranormal Investigations is a group based in Dublin and the surrounding areas. All of our members have a keen interest in the paranormal so we decided to set up a group to further those interests. Coming from different backgrounds that includes technical and research skills, we form a really great team that works well together and utilizes the best of our individual talents. Some of us have been fortunate enough to be involved in numerous investigations, working with other Paranormal groups, enabling us to develop the techniques and abilities that are essential for undertaking research of our own.

In any investigation we do, we use simple and scientific methods and we endeavor to take every study seriously, documenting all our investigations and doing a full analysis of our findings, which we then archive for future consideration. Although we ourselves do not use psychics, we recognise the important role that they play in the work of other groups. Similarly we do not undertake séances or make use of Ouija boards. In every investigation we try and find a reasonable explanation for any experiences we encounter, using a combination of common sense coupled with the use of equipment such as EMF and KII Meters; Video cameras with infra-red illumination and voice recorders.

We have all had an interest in the paranormal for a long time and so decided that it was time for us to take this further and form our own team. Although there are a number of existing groups out there, we felt that our close relationship and similar outlook to paranormal investigation meant that the ideal thing to do would be to form a group by ourselves. Our common goal was to explore, analyze and provide reasonable explanation for any paranormal activity that we encountered and it was important to us all that this be done as a result of our keen interest in the subject. In this way, we feel that we have removed any pressure to provide ‘evidence’ and instead we feel that we can operate as an independent, unbiased group who will endeavor to document those situations that we cannot provide a scientific rational account for.

If a location interests us in any way and we have the opportunity to investigate we will always take up the challenge, be it a deserted castle ruin or a private home. We like to think of ourselves as open minded and logical, a combination that ensures that we never attempt to either debunk or prove a theory based on prior knowledge of a place or situation, but rather face each investigation with a fresh outlook and the desire to capture any unusual occurrence using scientific and technical skills whilst still having an open mind about any findings.




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